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Your publisher will therefore want to rewrite your blurb or write a completely new one approved by their sales and marketing experts. If your name is difficult to spell, publishers may want you to abbreviate it or use a pseudonym to make it easier for people to find you using search engines. By simplifying your name, your publisher is trying to achieve more sales. Then you discover your publisher wants to change certain aspects of your book to make it fit the market. If you make all the changes your publisher is suggesting, your book won’t feel like your book anymore.

A well-written review article published in a good peer-reviewed journal may have a high impact and receive a lot of citations in other papers. The need for publishing research data and supplementary data is growing and this is noticed in submissions to our journals and book series. More and more, researchers wish to deposit their data not only in local digital repositories but make these widely and ideally openly available.

If you’re using a program other than Word to type your manuscript , be sure to export your file as a Word file. Typing your manuscript yourself is always going to be the best, most cost-effective choice. While you’re keying in your handwritten work, you can check for things that don’t make sense, make necessary revisions, and tighten up your writing if needed. It’s possible to do this by marking up a handwritten page—and, in fact, that’s how it was done for decades. Editors would go through a manuscript and mark it up with red ink using special symbols to indicate different edits that needed to be made and would write notes in the margins. We earn our profit when we sell books for you, and we pay you royalties for every copy we sell.

This option is available for authors working for governments of certain commonwealth countries that may own the copyright for works created by government employees. Consult the list below for the standard abbreviations for common terms. Limit the use of coined abbreviations to terms used frequently and unusually long terms. Spell out the term and place the abbreviation in parentheses at first use; use the abbreviation after that, including at the beginning of sentences.

Keywords are equivalent to terms in an index in a printed work and distinguish the most important ideas, names, and concepts in the book. The publishing world is now a “mixed model” environment in which the printed book is joined by other technologies that lead readers to scholarly content. In line with this trend, the University of Chicago Press is working with library e-book vendors and other partners to make book content more widely available and easier to access for faculty and students.

A group of people appointed or elected to take charge of a complex project, for example, the task of planning the reCreativeVietnamtion of an existing library or organizing a move into a new library facility. Their responsibilities include setting priorities and establishing the sequence in which various stages of the work are to proceed. A product, system, or design that represents the most advanced degree of technical achievement in its field at the present time. In the construction of new facilities, libraries typically strive for state-of-the-art design and technology but must often settle for what is financially feasible.

Your agent won’t charge you anything up front, but they will later take 15% of your proceeds. It’s kind of like a real estate agent getting a commission or an attorney representing a client on contingency. Before you worry about giving up 15%, remember that if they can’t sell your book, no matter how much effort they put in, they don’t see a penny. Memoir is a bit of a gray area between fiction and non-fiction. ReviewersWe may use reviewers of our own choice, but we will also try to include some whose opinion you feel will be valuable.

Perhaps that is because I was the oldest of five children and always found myself in a caretaker, teaching role as the big sister. For me, some of the funniest and mistake ridden moments are when I visit kindergarten classrooms, read my book, and teach body safety to five-year-olds. Thank you so much for joining us in this interview series! Before we dive in, our readers would love to “get to know you” a bit better.

Let the computer count the words; it’s your job to keep us reading. If your word count per page is much lower or higher than the guideline, there might be an obvious reason. For instance, if your book features a lot of short lines of dialogue, your words per page will be low; no need to worry. If you tend to write in long paragraphs, your words per page might be high.

An arrangement in which the supplier agrees to regularly maintain and repair one or more pieces of equipment after any warranties have expired, usually in exchange for payment of an annual or monthly fee. Libraries enter into such agreements to keep photocopiers, microform reader-printer machines, security devices, automation equipment, etc., in working order. A number identifying the place in sequence of a publication issued as part of a series. Also refers to a unique identification number assigned to a serial title for identification purposes, such as the International Standard Serial Number . The arrangement of a series of entries or items in prescribed order based on a predetermined system of priority, for example, reverse chronological order.

If you write something down in longhand, you write it by hand using complete words and normal letters rather than typing it or using shortened forms or special symbols.

All submitted images must follow the requirements outlined in IGI Global’s Image Formatting Guidelines. Any figures or tables that do not meet these minimum specifications will be returned to the author for correction. All figures must be submitted as separate files in .tif format. Please also note that it is the author’s responsibility to obtain permission to use any image currently under copyright by a third party.

A singleton is usually one-half of a bifolium, severed to allow one of the pair to be interleaved out of normal sequence in the collation, but it can also be an additional leaf hand-copied or printed separately from the gathering for insertion in it. A Latin phrase meaning “without place.” In library cataloging, the abbreviation s.l. Is used inside square brackets [s.l.] in the publication, distribution, etc., area of the bibliographic description to indicate that the place of publication is unknown. A stop-motion film animation technique, inspired by European silhouette cutting and shadow play, in which the subjects are cardboard cutouts, seen as black silhouettes against a lighter background when backlighted.

Follow this broad template, and you’ll have a happy literary agent . Epigraphs, dedications, acknowledgements and all that kind of stuff can be left for when your book makes it into print. If you really must put in an epigraph, you can certainly do so on the second page or on the cover itself. I know one literary author who has poor eyesight and weirdly bad spelling.

Choose an editing service that uses only subject-matter experts. You can keep track of where your book is in the publication process in real-time by signing up for notifications alerting you of all the critical stages, including when your book is published online and ready to share with the research community. This used to be a very important formatting convention when manuscripts were submitted as printed documents.

Full details are available on our publication charges page. Authors who feel they have grounds to appeal a rejection decision should send a rebuttal letter to the editorial office, detailing the reasons for the appeal. Rebuttals will be considered by the Editor-in-Chief, often in consultation with the Editorial Board Member who handled the paper. On average the journal returns a decision on a peer-reviewed paper in 12 days. The target lengths for the different manuscript types are listed in ‘Author guidelines’.

Genes, mutations, genotypes, and alleles Write in italics. Use the recommended name by consulting the appropriate genetic nomenclature database (e.g.,HGNCfor human genes; we strongly recommend using this tool to check against previously approved names). It is sometimes advisable to indicate the synonyms for the gene the first time it appears in the text. Gene prefixes such as those used for oncogenes or cellular localization should be shown in roman typeface (e.g., v-fes, c-MYC). For manuscripts describing new allergens, the systematic name of the allergen should be approved by the WHO/IUIS Allergen Nomenclature Sub-Committee prior to manuscript publication.

Many journals are moving to Creative Commons licensesthat allow you to retain your copyright, but also grant others blanket permission to reuse your work in certain ways. If the journal you will be publishing in uses a Creative Commons license, make sure you understand what others will be allowed to do with your work and whether this is what you want. It is common for journals to ask you to transfer the copyright of your article in exchange for publication. This means that you may have to request permission or even pay if you want to reuse your journal article in the future.

All novel structures must have been deposited in a community endorsed database prior to submission . This is typically your funding approval letter and a list of the names and credentials of the funders who conducted the external peer review of the protocol. A completed PRISMA-P checklist must be provided as a supporting information file. See PRISMA-P Explanation and Elaboration for more information on completing your checklist.

If your manuscript is interdisciplinary and might be handled by multiple editors, pick a single editor to contact. Most editors would prefer to forward a submission to a colleague rather than have an author independently contact multiple editors at the same press. Author-questionnaire – of course, publishers have marketing departments, but I think more and more is being devolved to authors.

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How to Read Cannabis Research Papers.

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The online abstract is replaced with the retraction comment as the DOI resolves to the abstracts from downstream deposits. The date of the retraction is also listed, under this abstract text. Resource Announcements are published at a reduced APC of $1,015 for three or fewer pages, and are made freely available to readers. The resource and accompanying annotation must be accessible at the time of review, and available to reviewers. Authors should avoid coining abbreviations except for extraordinarily long terms or complex concepts used very frequently in the article. Spell out the term and place the abbreviation in parentheses at first use.

  • Books and manuscripts are increasingly distributed by electronic means, but the concept of copyright protection still stands.
  • The Handling Editor decides on acceptance, revision, or rejection.
  • Most early career academics feel overwhelmed at this point, and they often look for tips for writing a research paper to help them sort through all the research data and present it correctly.
  • I found myself in a room with religious leaders from around the world, government officials, teachers, social workers, doctors, advocates, and parents.

Automated processes in format conversions can err when evaluating whether A is the same as B. That means we have to make sure A means A, B means B, and so on. Styles are Word’s built-in toolset to ensure all intended semantic structure survive the process. One foolproof method of discovering the correct person to contact is to email the publisher’s customer service representative.

Compare with sprinkled.Acid-staining is sometimes deliberately used to decorate leather bindings and colored stains have been used to decorate vellum bindings. A room in a library usually equipped with comfortable furniture and a kitchenette, where staff members can go when they are not on-duty to eat, relax on a break, or meet informally. A term first used in the 1990s to describe software designed to intercept or take partial control of the operation of a computer without the informed consent or even the knowledge of the owner or legitimate user. Spyware allows Web site operators to collect personally identifiable information and monitor electronic mail and Internet usage.

The video explains open access in context of science research and publication. Guidance for authors to find CreativeVietnamworthy journals for their work. A ranked list of journals where you can narrow down to the disciplinary subject. Broad Subject Terms are assigned by National Library of Medicine to MEDLINE/PubMed journals to describe the journal’s overall scope.

The Royal Society of Chemistry is committed to providing authors with a high level of customer service throughout the publication process. One of the ways we do this is to consider the suitability of a manuscript for another Royal Society of Chemistry journal if the manuscript is unsuitable for publication in the journal to which it was submitted originally. Author’s Original/Preprintis ‘the version of the article before peer review or editing, as submitted by an author to the journal’. When publishing papers that describe a new botanical taxon, PLOS aims to comply with the requirements of the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants .

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Agreement between Colombia Consortium institutions and Elsevier.

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Articles are considered on the understanding that, if they are accepted for publication, the entire copyright shall pass to the Society for Endocrinology. The corresponding author is requested to digitally sign a copyright transfer agreement to this effect. As the validity of immunoblots relies heavily on antibody specificity, an appropriate control must be included, or alternatively a reference should be given in the methods section referring to such a control (Saper 2009; Burry 2011). Band intensity should be quantified from several independent experiments. If only a ‘typical’ experiment is shown in the figure, authors should be prepared to provide unprocessed images of gels or blots at the request of the Editor-in-Chief. Authors are encouraged to refer to the ARRIVE guidelines, and in particular the checklist within them, when preparing manuscripts detailing animal experiments.

Where there are more than ten authors, list the first ten and then use et al. This policy has been adopted in order to verify the authenticity of article submissions and protect the integrity of Journal of Endocrinology. Cover letter – This letter should introduce your paper and outline why your work is important and suitable publication at this time. References – Please see ‘References’ for full details of the journal’s required style.