Website Header Design Templates

Website Header Design Templates

Line25 was built in March 2009 as a place to share web design ideas and inspiration through articles, tutorials and examples of stunning site designs. Be the first to see new posts by subscribing by RSS, have new content delivered by Email, or join Line25 on Twitter. Now is the time to get the best deal on logo design, ad design, and social media management from Tailor Brands. WP Sticky is straightforward to use, and it will take just a few clicks to get your header set up and ready to go. It is compatible with all themes, page builders, and plugins, so you can use it carefree.

Improving your WordPress SEO is crucial for getting more traffic to your website. Sadly most WordPress SEO guides are too technical for new users to get started. If you are serious about increasing your website traffic, then you need to pay attention to the WordPress…

website header design templates

However, ensure to learn about the privacy policy before. We provide information about website design, free bootstrap 3, newest bootstrap 4, page template, so click follow us button to acquire it. The multi and one-page Slider Website Templates, may be based on a responsive bootstrap HTML template, equip web pages and landing pages with a modern carousel image showcase. Import stock images gallery into the 3D image slider template and set the animated view to create an impressive HTML website design. Free html5 bootstrap has easy free video or premium music sliders to see the full block of features and products.

Stunning Header Design Templates

When you click the photo, it displays information in the form of a caption about the history behind the film. One of the images and videos on the header also has his Instagram post. The photos show his love for traveling and the latest gadgets like cameras, video games, headphones, magazines, and cars. There are very few designers who think of putting an information overload in the header, which is the first thing for the user to see.

  • The header only consists of a white logo in the left corner and a white hamburger menu icon in the right.
  • Templates free WordPress plugins can create the top best new corporate free website.
  • “Our Real Brides” photo gallery is one of the main sections of the site that affect the level of trust.

It’s not often that we see a footer being used as the sole source of navigation. Weboo pulls this off quite well, with an easy-to-understand “step” method of getting from one page to the next. Even better is that you can either click or use your mouse’s scroll wheel to navigate. But web is already overflowing with this mash-collage-photoshopness, a lot ingredients but final product doesn’t taste good. You have provided lots of idea for creating the stylish headers. In the case of Cropp, an online fashion store, the latest collections are being featured in the header.

Finding the perfect website design template is not easy. There are a lot of intricate complexities that you might have to address. From responsiveness to typography, illustrations, animations, etc., chances are that you won’t find the right website template.

Fandom has a well-defined and brightly-colored footer design. The vibrant color scheme draws users’ attention and the copy features a hover effect. The download options serve as an incentive for users, boosting Fandom’s user base. A is a website which aims to recognize and promote the talents and efforts of the best developers, designers, and web agencies in the world.

The application only asks you for a fee when you create a site for a big organization or something more complicated than usual. Spline’s colorful website uses a “+” in the header, which opens the menu. It’s not quite a full-screen menu but it slides down from the top and covers the majority of the screen. The E-commerce website for Anne Klein uses a mega menu with links to subcategories and images in the dropdowns. The website of Sercopointweb uses a hamburger icon that opens up a full-screen menu with a two-toned background.

Here, the BucketListly Blog makes great use of the available real estate, stretching the full width of an HD screen. The navigation is incredibly simple and easy to spot, while the subtly designed search field above it isn’t trying to take attention away from more important things. August is a website that smartly uses parallax scrolling, and the header provides a visual illusion to the web design. They have used the slider to have different high-resolution images that move. Parallax scrolling is a design where a website layout has a background moving slowly at the foreground, which creates a 3D effect as you press the scrolling buttons.

This is another step you can take to maintain consistency with other websites, as most reputable ones have this feature. This area of the header is where you set the tone for your site’s branding. A logo makes it easy for someone to identify your website at a glance, especially if they have multiple tabs open across several sites. For many users, it serves as peace of mind that they have arrived where they intended. Consistent header elements make the web a more user-friendly place.

Tips For Effective Website Header Design

Each header design has its own CSS file, which makes it very easy to use and customize. increases your company’s productivity by 25%, on average. They also provide a great example of website header images.

Modern & Multipurpose HTML Website TemplateA multipurpose HTML website template is a great solution that allows you to build an attractive site quickly and effectively. They are used not only for informational reasons but also for promotional ones. However, to create a successful website, you need a professional approach. That’s why many companies decide to hire web developers. Still, this is not an option for small and medium businesses.That’s where HTML website templates come in handy. Most importantly, they don’t require any knowledge about coding.

As a result, there’s digital abundance — consumers searching for a specific product or service typically have hundreds of websites to choose from. Even though most corporate websites usually go for old-school and classic website designs, this company’s modern design approach is refreshing. Believe it or not, this is a website for an industrial equipment manufacturing company in Russia. And it has one of the most creative website headers we’ve seen.

You can see many beautiful designs on all kinds of devices. Animaker is a platform for both amateurs and professionals to create animations and live-action videos. With that in mind, this website’s header makes it easy for all types of users to navigate and look for the tools that they need. The main header bar is the largest and brightest of the bunch.

website header design templates

This delivery service website took the old slider concept to a new level. It’s not just about the size of the heading or the font choice. Everything from its title, font choices, colors, and especially the use of images to create a 3D-like design makes this website header truly a lesson in effective web design.

We have created a special structure for customer logo fields. Aside from the main body content, a website includes a header and footer, which serve a particular purpose to help visitors. We previously shared 20 best free website header design templates and examples for your inspiration. Since we believe that website footer design is just as important, we’ve also put together a list of 20 best free website footer designs for you to look at.

It should also emphasize unique features and benefits, that make the brand stand out among its competitors. A strong USP is vital in conveying the right message to the website visitors, and, ultimately, in converting them into customers. Here is a great header example created by the Halo Lab team. Its main specifics are retro magazine style and oversized title font combined with real photos supporting the website’s key goal. Elegant thin lines separate the individual sections and make the interface architecture convenient and consistent.

Describe Your Perfect Website Header

Ease of navigation is one of the biggest keys to the usability of a website’s interface. If visitors can easily find what they’re looking for they’ll be more likely to stay on the website rather than leaving and going to some other site. Effective navigation design can help to increase page views, improve the user experience, and even increase revenue and profit. If you have PHP experience, after this project is done, I will need someone to help me set-up phplist and oscommerce (need help with the set-up).

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When people log in to their site, the footer becomes a major part of their experience. It follows them to all pages they want to navigate, giving precious information about the company and their offers. There are also social media buttons for visitors to engage in, and the various colors are more vivid than anything else you have seen before. Recapping – one page / different headers / different .css themes. Designed so it is easy to insert content and images using Dreamweaver in design & code view mode.

The design agency website for Plug & Play uses a hamburger icon that opens up the menu, which slides in using two different columns or sections. BORN Group’s menu is accessible to users through the icon at the top righthand side of the screen. The menu of The Alienist is both unique and attractive. Clicking on the menu icon opens a full-screen menu on a read background. The website of Martin Building Company includes a hamburger icon to the right side of the screen. Clicking on the icon opens a menu that features links to the primary pages of the site.

You can send a share link on Mockitt to your team members or friends to ask their opinion. When talking about website footer design, there is nothing more inspirational to have in mind. The Wondershare Mockitt has some innovative features to give you the most up-to-date results in your website’s footer design.

website header design templates

This is the level at which the seller must demonstrate his authority and prove them that its the best option. I have a Vogue themed website on Shopify and I need help changing the home tab in my template. It currently doesn’t have the option to have the tab on the top. Please see the picture below that shows how it currently looks and what I’d like it to look like. Deadline Funnel has a fairly standard menu but the “how it works” link includes a dropdown with some colorful icons.

On the top-left side of this header, you can see social icons. Then just below the social icons, there are navigation menus and a website domain name. This is a high-quality, free, FULLY-CUSTOMIZABLE header template designed with Bootstrap. A CodePen user named ‘Arif Manzoor’ has made this template. This is an awesome, free, Bootstrap header example made by Jason Melgoza, a CodePen user.

The weight of the image should be of interest too, with a balance of right to left or left to right being focused on. This might seem a bit foreign, but good header templates always have a distinct way of uniting a web page rather than overshadowing the content. Even if you’re trying to reach your audience in a cohesive manner, make sure that the size is not too much for the rest of the page. Upon looking at header templates consider the colors that they use. Using bright colors is often a great tip, but that’s not so great when your readers are looking at your site in the dead of night in pitch-black rooms. Many designers make different headers for different sections of their websites.

In this case, though, the navigation and other links are tucked beneath a hamburger icon. The header and footer are both key elements of a website. They contain links to that potential customers will most often want to visit before making a purchase or enquiry.

The logo design stands out beautifully from the rest of the header with its bright color and tall characters. And because the logo is properly sized for the space, it doesn’t overwhelm the other elements or force the header to take on an excess of white space. Smart features a responsive bootstrap 4 CSS website header design. The video background is still one of the best solutions for designing a home page header.

These designs will surely help you make your own headers stand out from the crowd. Therefore using this method you will be able to create the sticky header and footer of the website. But, if you are not getting how to create it how to create the files in IDE and then paste the code then we have a solution to your problem. We have created a .zip file and in that file, there are both Html and CSS files are present. Then you will find all the files and then run the main file. All of the HTML headers are responsive and retina ready and should look nice on any device and resolution.

website header design templates

Creates a sticky hacky sticker header using CSS without creating a scroll event handler. The CSS is self-contained so there isn’t any risk of it breaking the styles for the rest of your page. Some of the templates come with short JavaScript snippets, which are jQuery dependent, so make sure to copy them together with a link to jQuery via CDN or local file. Animation was customized used Adobe After Effects and rendered to be compatible across all browsers with .ogv and .webm files.

  • A great thing about using illustrations in header designs is that it allows you to add some personality to your website design.
  • Now is the time to get the best deal on logo design, ad design, and social media management from Tailor Brands.
  • With this in mind, the header design needs to be very appealing, enabling the visitor to operate your website easily.
  • Not to mention that the footer follows the visitor to any internal page they may navigate.

The header looks very interesting as the navigation menus are in black background and the background color of the website domain name is green. The sample text for the brand name is a simple text with a white background. There are five menus in the navigation bar, such as ‘about’, ‘team’, and so on.

Halo Lab is an experienced design and development agency serving many business fields. We’ve got deep expertise in UI/UX design, website design, mobile app design, and branding. Toyota’s website includes a big hero block with a video placed in a slideshow. It’s a perfect example of how visual content can replace text-based, enabling visitors to immediately immerse themselves in the product’s essence. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution as most things about the design of heading depend on your business goals, website’s type, and audience’s nature. What’s more, coming up with creative heading design ideas will help your website stand out and attract the visitors’ attention.

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To choose a header design template that attracts your eye and has the potential to engage your audience, you must check out the entire website template. Apart from the navigability, take note of the speed, transitions, content sharing, and most importantly, business goals alignment or value proposition. The Handoff section of Mockitt is another next-gen feature that gives you ready to copy and paste CSS coding for the overall design. So, you can test run the header design on the online tool and copy the precise information for creating the website.

However, it is well-designed and uses three sections to convey more information. The first is the association memberships, which is shown at on the top of the footer. On the main page, the visitor will be able to learn more about the company. As the website owner, you will definitely need the opportunity to advise clients. You can easily do this, placing the «Request a quote» button.

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Nextech AR Positions for Next Level of Growth in Web 3.0.

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Over the years, Apple has mastered the art of capturing the attention of users with its incredibly simplistic website designs. Make sure that the header placement leads people to the content in a subtle way. Not every header has to have a huge arrow pointing towards your writing, or regular web content. But have it creatively point towards your content in a way that is not so obvious, and you’ll see readers appreciate the subtlety and move forward with ease.

The footer displays its personality and brand with maximum impact, especially by leading with the line “The awards for design, creativity and innovation on the Internet”. At the very bottom, it contains a navigation bar to encourage visitors to explore the site further. This template is designed with an emphasis on competent, convenient and understandable to the average user navigation.

website header design templates

Thus, a well-designed header clearly and instantly communicates your key message to the users. What’s more, the header should be a convenient navigation tool, ensuring a smooth user journey. Synthese engages and entertains users with catchy 3D animation supporting the overall website style.

After graduating with BBA he self-though frontend web development. Currently, has over 10 years of experience in mainly CSS, HTML , JavaScript and PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

  • Build headers that suit your style and brand to capture visitor interest.
  • I’ll recommend you a couple of tools that I trust and use myself.
  • So if you want a trendy design, and of course, the functionality for your header, then Debuut is for you.

We’ve discussed the different types of headers, and the best practices for creating a custom header and we provided examples. So, follow this guide and create your own, unique header for better engagements and brand awareness. The header only consists of a white logo in the left corner and a white hamburger menu icon in the right. At the top of every page is a video or image that’s rich in color that contrasts well with the white. And since the site is so heavy in visuals, it’s very rare the header’s visibility is compromised.